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Jackie Latino - Director/Team Coach

Office Staff:

Amy Dardar - Office staff

Coaching Staff:

Mike King - Boys Team Director, Recreational Boys & Tumbling Coach

Derek Neft - Girls Optional and Compulsory Team Coach 

Taylor Sumagpang - Boys Team Coach, Recreational Boys & Tumbling Coach

Christina Vitter - Recreational Girls, Girls Compulsory and XCEL Team Coach

Amber Bruce - Recreational Girls, Girls Compulsory Team Coach 

Nate Moore - Recreational Boys Coach

Janae Edgerson - Recreational Girls Coach

Jenna Wright - Recreational Girls Coach

Kate Scully - Helper

Yasmine Battle - Helper

Savannah Cucinello - Helper

Tammy Wright - Tumbling Coach/Recreational Girls Coach

 Guy Jackson - Recreational Girls & Boys Coach

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